“Productivity gains from biologically active soil initiated through biochar-activated compost in an avocado orchard.”

Avocado field trial conducted at 181 Pipe Clay Gully Rd, Manjimup by Mr Doug Pow and Warren Catchments Council, with funding support from the National Landcare Programme.



The incorporation of biochar into the rhizosphere of avocados will alter typical Manjimup soils’ physical structure to more closely resemble the andisol soils of their native cultivation, by improving soil drainage and aeration - critical elements in Phytophthora cinnamomi control (a localised avocado industry issue).


The activated-biochar composting mulch will enhance nutrient input efficiencies through its encouragement of mycorrhizal colonisation and biological mineralisation, mobilising plant available nutrients.



Field Walk 21 April 2016
Proposed Avocado Trial
Workshop and Field Walk March 2017



Trail Update July 2016
Field Walk 4 Dec 2015


1 Doug presenting
2 Morning presentation
3 David and Tony Giumelli
4 Rod Bamess and Vic Grozotis
5 Beating the rain
6 High point of trial
7 Doug explaining
8 In-field discussion 2
9 Treatment left Control right
10 Control left Treatment right
David Giumelli
In-field discussion

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